Lite Covers

Lite Covers are designed to be worn inside or out and all year round… airy, soft and so light, you won’t know you are wearing them!

These lids come in a number color types Transitions, amazing color combinations that transition and blend unpredictably from one color to another. Every time you put it on, it can look like a different hat.

Solids are one beautiful, pure, in your face solid color.

Bling  is a solid color with delicate fine intertwining sparkling fibers that is so soft and delicious…

All are created to make a statement unlike any other head gear out there. Each cap is topped off with gem stones like: Onyx, Agate, Swarovski Crystal, Opal, Jade, Chrysocolla and Turquoise to name a few... or a funky bead in: ceramic, porcelain, glass, acrylic, lucite, resin or wood,  Each bead or stone is hand selected for each cap, making each Lite Cover unique and exceptional!

Lite Covers, are perfect  anytime, anywhere… hanging out or going out… under that motorcycle helmet or hard hat, for those bad hair days, as a chemo cap, or just adding to your coolness!!! Guaranteed not to overheat your delicate head, but give you comfort and style.

Hand Wash in Cold water. Lay flat to dry.


Stay tuned, more great colors and color combinations will be coming your way over the next months.....

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