My Love.... My Passion.... My Whimz



MyWhimz is located in a wooded region in a small Canadian village, where 

turkeys walk down main street and roost on deck railings and black bears and deer

eat from back yard bird feeders. 

MyWhimz is all about creating whatever inspires me....and in this beautiful and 

tranquil setting, I create my Fashion Accessories....

Using a secret blend of yarns, threads, gem stones, beads, a touch of love, a pinch 

of passion and a sprinkle of magic, I create my original unique designs in a 

kaleidoscope of colors, and textures to tickle your fancy. As you enter MyWhimz 

you will find Hats, Scarves, Cowls, Shawls, Wraps, Jewelry, Bags and Purses and 

other dreamy accessories...


Welcome to MyWhimz, browse, shop and enjoy....

Val des Monts, Wakefield, La Peche, Chelsea, Buckingham, Gatineau, Masham, Low